About my site

I am a retired academic, still working part-time as a psychotherapist, counsellor, and dance movement psychotherapist.

In my retirement, I am indulging my love of the arts, including creative writing and blog writing.  I am interested in how the arts, including creative writing, can be used to understand human experience.

The title of my page – Ramblings; The random writings of a wandering older woman – is deliberately tongue-in-cheek, designed to challenge our perceptions of older women.  Do we ramble on?  Do we wander as we get older?  Is there some purpose to our wanderings?  Did we in fact wander or ramble on when we were younger, too?  And then, there is rambling as walking – a favourite pastime of mine is to wander the hills near my home, grateful for each day that my legs will still work.

Here, you can access a small sample of my short stories and also my ongoing blog about being an older woman in the UK.  Please do leave comments.  It is always great to hear from anyone who feels a connection to what I am writing.


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